K-12 Education

An education degree opens doors for new and established teachers, as well as administrative professionals.

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NUS Proudly Supports K-12 Professionals

National University System partners with many counties of education offices, as well as school districts and education entities, to help fill the need for educators worldwide by offering degrees and further professional development that prepares students for rewarding and inspiring careers. An education degree opens doors for new and established teachers, as well as administrative professionals. Learn effective communication skills, broad contexts for child development, and different approaches to learning and teaching styles.

In addition, NUS is able to partner with K-12 school districts, counties, and education entities across the nation and around the globe to offer tuition reduction scholarships for K-12 education professionals, and to build the knowledge and skills of the K-12 education workforce. Programs are available through National University, John F. Kennedy University, City University, and Northcentral University to serve learners across the world through online and classroom-based programs.

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National University System Programs

Across our affiliates, National University System offers on-campus and online programs for students to learn effective communication skills, broaden contexts for child development, and discover different approaches to learning and teaching styles. Our programs support K-12 personnel at all levels and roles with programs such as:

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National University

The Sanford College of Education at National University offers over 45 on-campus and online programs in the areas of teacher education, special education, educational administration, and school counseling and psychology. The college has earned accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), recognizing its rigorous, evidence-based standards for teacher education programs.

About the K-12 Team

Patrizia Zary, MBA, MAED, MM

Patrizia Zary, MBA, MAED, MM

Director of K-12 Education

Ms. Zary has served in higher education since 2004. As the Director of K-12 Education, she oversees K-12 partnerships and supports building the education workforce of tomorrow. Ms. Zary’s experiences in education include administrative leadership in for-profit and nonprofit institutions, quality management, performance improvement, organizational development, research, data analytics, program development, strategic planning, and leading philanthropic endeavors. In addition, Ms. Zary has taught courses in research methods, organizational effectiveness, business, strategic planning, project management, and marketing to predominately adult learners. Ms. Zary holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, as well as master’s degrees in business administration and management and adult education/training.

Ms. Zary is fluent in three foreign languages and is currently a candidate for the Doctorate of Education focused in Leadership from American College of Education. Ms. Zary is a catalyst for innovation and education excellence and believes in a servant leadership mentality. Education is her passion and as a life learner she believes that each young person has talent, potential, a gift to develop and something to give for the good of the community.

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