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In order to remain relevant in today's ever-evolving workforce, employees are constantly challenged to develop new skills - which is why providing access to the necessary training and education is beneficial to both your staff and your business. Partnering with National University System helps your organization realize the full potential of its talent, by offering tuition discount scholarships available toward earning an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree or certificate.

Educational Partnership

Create your own scholarships, internships, and skills training.

Employee Development

Employees gain new knowledge and skills to grow and move up into leadership roles.

Customized Education

Your employees will quickly gain skills and expertise through accelerated and rigorous programs of study.

Applied Learning

NUS faculty are also practitioners with real-world experience.

Prior Learning

Your employees can apply real-world skills and prior coursework toward certificates and degrees.

Banking & Corporate


National University is part of a wider workforce partnership and scholarship initiative by the private, nonprofit National University System, which also includes John F. Kennedy University and City University of Seattle. The partnerships, many of which include a scholarship component, include Boeing, and YMCA. Scholarship opportunities have also been made available through the public sector, including City of San Diego, the County of San Diego and numerous law enforcement agencies.

Working with your organization provides the National University System the opportunity to expand upon its mission of providing high quality, low-cost education to working adults. Your organization will find a flexible and innovative affiliated institution, open and willing to meet the needs of corporate partners.

As a university system focused on working adults, we have a set of mechanisms in place to recognize the wide variety of learning experiences that adult students bring to the institution. As such all students have access to:

  • Credit for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).
  • Application of American Council on Education (ACE) recommended credit for military and corporate training.
  • Flexible transfer credit policies for prior college and vocational coursework from accreditation or otherwise recognized institutions, including foreign institutions.


City University of Seattle is offering a credit alignment program for banking employees that substantially reduces the cost and time to complete a business degree. City University of Seattle is the first and only university in the state to align the American Bankers Association's (ABA) professional development training, offered nationwide to banking professionals, into industry-relevant degree programs. Through a unique partnership with the ABA's regional association, City University of Seattle is providing university credit for forms of banking education provided by the Washington Bankers Association (WBA). The credit alignment program aligns with the University's mission to support workforce development through education.



The National University System Partners with hospitals, health care systems, and health networks to provide degrees relevant for nursing, hospital administration and business functions such as BSN and Applied Behavioral Analysis.

National University and Sharp HealthCare have announced a new scholarship program for Sharp HealthCare employees that will expand their community of professionals trained in skills and specialties that align with the needs of San Diego's largest and most comprehensive health care system.

National University's School of Health and Human Services achieved Planetree Silver Recognition for Significant Advancement in Person-Centered Care in 2017. The University is the first academic institution in the world to achieve a Planetree recognition. The designation affirms that the University's School of Health and Human Services has a student-focused approach and culture that fosters alignment and deeper integration with the Planetree principles of person-centered health care.


K-12 Partnership

A Partnership Between National University and County Offices of Education

The Applied School Leadership Program is a partnership program between 6 California County Offices of Education and National University. These 6 County Offices are accredited by the CCTC, (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing), for granting the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential to their program candidates. However, many of these program candidates would also like to acquire the MS degree, in Educational Administration, along with the credential. These County Offices are not WASC accredited to offer the MS degree in Educational Administration. Therefore, National University partners with these County Offices to support granting University credit for the six, first year courses in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program, through the County Offices. These units for the 6 preliminary administrative services credential program, then carry over and apply toward the MS degree portion of the program, through National University, as the candidates enter the 2nd year of the program. After candidates complete the 4 courses, in the 2nd year of the program, they acquire the MS degree in Educational Administration through National University.

Teacher Pathway Inclusion Program

The National University Teacher Pathway Inclusion Program is dedicated to offering a solution to the teacher shortage and to address the need for more teachers who come from diverse backgrounds. The Program offers a community-focused approach to supporting future teachers through partnerships with local high schools, districts, community colleges and paraprofessionals already in K-12 classrooms. Students are offered a streamlined educational pathway, scholarships and other educational and financial support. Through the program, students can earn an associate's degree through participating community colleges, then complete their bachelor's degree and teaching credential concurrently at National University's acclaimed Sanford College of Education. To learn more about the Program, click here.

Community College

Community Colleges Pathways

The National University System (NUS) is a proud partner of Community Colleges across the nation. NUS offers academic pathways that support transfer students in earning their Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate degree. Whether you are earning your transferable associate degree at a Community College or have been accumulating credits at multiple institutions, NUS provides degree pathway options that support career growth. With over 100+ degree options, offered both online and onsite, National University System works closely with Community Colleges across the country to ensure you receive the most academic credit as possible for your pathway degree completion.

We all start our academic journey somewhere, NUS is here to help you complete it!

Public Safety

Public Safety

NU Proudly Supports Public Safety Professionals Worldwide

National University, a veteran-founded nonprofit, is proud to support public safety professionals who protect and serve our communities every day. To show our appreciation for the work that you do, we're committed to providing affordable, accessible education to public safety professionals like you who want to advance their careers and reach their goals.

NU prides itself on its strict alignment with official training standards for several public safety agencies, including Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), Probation Department, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Marshals, and Fire Department.

Our Employee Education Partners Include

The National University System has established partnerships with industry leaders in several fields, including:

Organizations with Strong Learning Cultures Are:


more likely to be market share leaders*


more likely to list employee productivity as a strength*


more likely to get to the market before competitors*

Rico M.Class of 2014 Military Veteran

Solutions Tailored For Your Organization

Our team of education and industry experts will partner with you to help diagnose the challenges, skill gaps, and opportunities specific to your company.

Tuition Reduction

NU makes earning a degree more affordable by providing significant tuition savings for employees.

Targeted Solutions

We will help you create a customized development solution that targets your current and future needs.

Customized Cohorts

Use our state-of-the-art facilities for conferences, training, or events at preferred partner rental rates.

Specialized Courses

Our team will design courses that complement your business strategy and align with industry competencies.

Companies that invest in employee training enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than companies that don't.*

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